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Republicans Should Not Have Won the House in 2012

Democrats should control the House of Representatives come 2013, but they won’t. A popular line right now among conservatives is that the US electorate voted to uphold the “status quo” by electing a divided government, with the House going to … Continue reading

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Infotainment 2011: An Old Beginning

Madonna’s back and harsh realities abound. Infotainment comes back after a 7.5 year breather. Twitter upsets, Kim Kardashian perplexes, and Jessica Simpson inspires. Welcome back, Infotainment! America’s missed you! America’s Sweetheart Kim Kardashian apparently planned a sham wedding to Kris … Continue reading

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Way Too Many Words Spent Categorizing Reality TV

I decided to take reality TV and categorize it. I can’t believe I ended up doing this. All I really wanted to do was rail on terrible television, but it ended up turning into this. Kinda sad actually. Anyway, I’ve … Continue reading

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Homeopathy is Bunk. Oscillococcinum is Homeopathy. Therefore…

Saw a commercial for a new* flu remedy called Oscillococcinum. First reaction was that it might be a drug company selling a flu remedy based on antibiotics. The name certainly sounds like an antibiotic. That would be ridiculous, because antibiotics … Continue reading

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The Onion Names the Healthcare Repeal Bill and Some Democrats Have a Change of Heart

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives today voted to repeal the comprehensive health care reform bill that passed less than one year ago by the then Democratically-controlled Congress. This was entirely a symbolic move because the Democrat-controlled Senate will not take … Continue reading

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Doctor Phil and Moses and Cupcakes

Looks like Bridgestone Hired a College Freshman from 2001 Say this tire from Bridgestone out loud: Blizzak tires. It’s like they’re saying black in goofy white person ebonics. When I heard it on TV when I wasn’t paying attention I … Continue reading

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Tuscon Shooter’s Videos – Some Text Transcribed

I’ve been following the mass murder of people in Tucson today. It’s horrific, and my thoughts go out to everyone involved. Jared Lee Laughner was arrested as the main suspect. I went to his Youtube channel, which you can watch … Continue reading

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