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The Onion Names the Healthcare Repeal Bill and Some Democrats Have a Change of Heart

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives today voted to repeal the comprehensive health care reform bill that passed less than one year ago by the then Democratically-controlled Congress. This was entirely a symbolic move because the Democrat-controlled Senate will not take … Continue reading

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Doctor Phil and Moses and Cupcakes

Looks like Bridgestone Hired a College Freshman from 2001 Say this tire from Bridgestone out loud: Blizzak tires. It’s like they’re saying black in goofy white person ebonics. When I heard it on TV when I wasn’t paying attention I … Continue reading

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Tuscon Shooter’s Videos – Some Text Transcribed

I’ve been following the mass murder of people in Tucson today. It’s horrific, and my thoughts go out to everyone involved. Jared Lee Laughner was arrested as the main suspect. I went to his Youtube channel, which you can watch … Continue reading

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National Figures Who Don’t Believe in Evolution

Evolution, Much Like Dry Land, Is Not a Myth I had the idea to make a list of all the prominent people who don’t believe in evolution, but quickly found that would be too big. Unless it’s just a list … Continue reading

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Maybe Hall of Fame Voters Feel Guilty for Their Role in the Steroids Era

I’ve already written about my picks for the Hall of Fame this year. Since writing this, Peter Gammons convinced me Jeff Bagwell was deserving of induction. Other than that, my choices haven’t changed. I would still abstain from voting for … Continue reading

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