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Senate Passes Smaller 9/11 First Responders Bill and START Treaty; Roll Call for Original 9/11 and START Cloture

The senate voted to pass the 9/11 First Responder’s Bill today by voice vote. In case you haven’t heard anything about this, Republicans have blocked passage of this bill for weeks now. Congratulations to those who fought to get this … Continue reading

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Why Furries Are Like Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson Is the Devil

I’ve had a lot of time to waste lately. When I read something and wanted to learn more I wrote a note to look it up on-line. What follows is that journey. Investigation! A Chris Moore Project What’s up with … Continue reading

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Senate Roll Call Votes on Tax Extension, DREAM, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Below are the roll call votes for the three biggest votes in the Senate over the past few weeks and my thoughts on the outcomes of those votes. Please take a moment to note who in the Senate voted for … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds Was Already a Hall of Famer

I’m disappointed about Barry Bonds. I’m not mad, just sad for what we might have been. Clearly, the guy did some kind of performance enhancing drug. The physical transformation he went through was too hard to ignore. The same goes for … Continue reading

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My 2010 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

Before I get to the ballot a few things. There are a number of players who should be in who are no longer on the ballot. In no particular order they are: Keith Hernandez, Lou Whittaker, Ron Santo, Dick Allen, … Continue reading

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