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The Invention and Death of a New Stat in 200 Words; Or Why MLB!=NLF

I was thinking about pitching stats the other day – WHIP specifically. That’s Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched. It’s a pretty good stat. It tells you how many players a guy allows on base on average. Plus, it gives you a really easy … Continue reading

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How Does the Sports Media Play Up the Rangers/Giants World Series?

I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’ve got a Giants/Rangers World Series. After the Braves dropped out, this was my ideal situation. The media, however, has gotta be pissed. Below are some of the thoughts sports writers and news media … Continue reading

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Should Stolen Bases Factor into Slugging Percentage and OPS?

Slugging Percentage and OPS don’t tell the whole story. Stolen bases need to be factored in. Speed plays a vital role in the game. Continue reading

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