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BP Oil Spill: Never Forget!

Remember this? Remember when BP caused the worst environmental disaster in American history? BP seems to be getting off pretty easy. Give them a year or two, and they’ll be back to business as usual. Every couple minutes I see … Continue reading

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Nothing Better to Do Than Download and Filter

I put some numbers together on team performance since 1990, which is around when I started following baseball religiously. This was pretty easy thanks to – easily one of my favorite and most visited websites. I’m interested in coming … Continue reading

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The Many Miles of Monsieur Moore

Memorial Day Weekend Started May 28th, 2010 Karen and I have taken two full vacations this summer. One was a long weekend in Memphis, where we got engaged, saw Grant, went to Little Rock for a couple hours, and I … Continue reading

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Vaccines, Organic Food, Autism, and Emotional Response

We should give polio to these people who refuse to be vaccinated. Then they can decide whether they want their kids to be vaccinated. Reality is, empirical scientific studies have shown that vaccines have no effect on rates of autism. Continue reading

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